jeudi, février 26, 2004

on a more important note, i'm giving up shopping for lent. believe it or not.

jen doesn't think it's possible.
i think, the next book will be the beautiful and the damned. or maybe it's the damned and the beautiful. whatever, you know what i'm talking about.

still at home. attempted to wake up at 7 but auto-hand-snoozed the alarm till 8. incorrigible. bad leonard.

mardi, février 17, 2004

[ step into my office baby | belle + sebastian ]

i'm trying to get out of the office before the sun goes down. lonnie suggested 430pm but i'm convinced it'll be practically twilight by then - so 4pm's the new target.

i don't think anything exciting is going on tonight au lieu the usual gut-wrenching 24 jack bauer session with the gang. i wonder if we've any beer left.

damn, and i think laundry's due. damn.

jeudi, février 12, 2004

[ m83 | beauties can die ]

you know, i like this song/piece a lot. i'm watching the sun go down, all the bright gold trimmings fading off, all the people rushing in their thick coats into their cars, and all the cars start to turn on their headlights. and it's all quite peaceful amidst my head trying to figure out some work problem.

i'm watching the sun go down and i'm due to leave for quebec in less than twentyfour hours. we've planned about three days of drinking and snowboarding (or skiing) - ben, lauren, joe, me, i think some girl named melissa, and someone i haven't met yet.

and i finally sent off a wave of post-christmas cards today. perhaps seven or eight that i'd written 2 or 3 weeks ago, to a bunch of my favorite people.