mardi, mars 23, 2004

i miss you dad.

vendredi, mars 12, 2004

ok, so i unofficially erm, bought some music on iTunes today - some live tracks from the stereophonics. i don't know if this counts as "shopping". OK YES I KNOW. (damnit).

but i'm trying to think of it as a tiny tiny quite alright purchase.



jeudi, mars 11, 2004

i'm going crazy - spent most of today attempting, wanting, not wanting, hating, needing, TRYING to write a fucking paper.

my mind and my words are all over the fucking place.

( oh ma gawd i'm freaking the fuck out. )

ok so this is quite pathetic. i've visited these parts of the world. i need to travel more. much more.

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or write about it on the open travel guide

vendredi, mars 05, 2004

today feels like a lonely kinda day - colorless skies with fluorescent lighting.

[ azure ray | sleep ]
alors, je suis drunk? bourais? ivre?

lundi, mars 01, 2004

starguitar. gonna run today.