lundi, mai 31, 2004

commonwealth avenue is strikingly beautiful this afternoon. i'm hidden in the apartment looking out through the windows andthe leaves seem to jump out at me in a saturated lime-green. whoooooosh!

today has been gorgeous, incredibly lazy, but melancholic to hell.

the sun sets at 816pm this evening, which i suppose makes this a bit more bearable.

mercredi, mai 26, 2004

We pursued separate aims which brought us near to one another, but we remained strangers. She told me later that she had made a kind of note of me in her mind, as, scanning the shelf for a particular book, one will sometimes have one's attention caught by another, take it down, glance at the title page and, saying "I must read that, too, when I've the time," replace it and continue the search.
man i so feel like a cigarette right now.

restrain yourself leonard.

mardi, mai 25, 2004



about whim.

lundi, mai 24, 2004

hey hey did you get your neighborhoody yet?

samedi, mai 22, 2004

alrighty so luke's here with me, and we're looking into blogging for his fucking awesome radio show.


wmbr 88.1 FM

mercredi, mai 19, 2004

today, i got my ass handed to me.

let's not even go into what it was all about.
day 1 of a conference at a big research lab in upstate new york. we left boston at 630 in the morning.

i am annoyingly sleepy.

i fear that sans coffee, leonard might collapse soon.

lundi, mai 17, 2004

now this is really weird.

luke and i just got back and were talking by the central stairway, when luke realized that mushrooms were growing alongside one of our houseplants (in the same pot obviously).

"weird shit dude."

"yeah how'd that fucking happen?"

so we went ahead and checked out mycology 101 - i found this random site that had some random auto-mushroom-magic-identifier thing going on.

apparently we've got grisettes growing in there.

"fucking creepy."

dimanche, mai 16, 2004

"that movie should've been called archilles."

"yeah, and who was that troy guy again?"

samedi, mai 15, 2004

you know, this happens all the time. i'm starving and i think i'm hungry. but yet, i feel full, and i'm not sure if i want to eat something anything.

vendredi, mai 14, 2004

mercredi, mai 12, 2004

we're having a tense 24 tivo moment right now.
When I finally find the words, I'll be coming back to you.
If I decide to rule the world I'm still coming back for you

lundi, mai 10, 2004

How I feel is that if I wanted anything I'd take it. That's what I've always thought all my life. But it happens that I want you, and so I just haven't room for any other desires.

- The Beautiful and Damned.
dear diary,

i had a gloriously lazy weekend. what did i do - who the hell knows. i only remember bits. (it was like that other party, yeah that drinks of mass destruction party - i woke up not remembering much, except that i had a heck of a good time.)

anyways, it started on a friday, with leonard running away from work at 530pm, taking refuge with maia and elleni at the other side for a pitcher of PBR. i think i napped after. then i remember watching brooke and steph become all famous on tuesday's edition of letterman - they got pulled out of crowd to play "pretend you're in an earthquake" at rupert's hello deli.

i developed and printed and took loads of photos on saturday. click click click. i underdeveloped a roll of kodak PX125. guess it had to happen sometime.

sunday was fuzzy. i remember brunching in coolidge corner. and then going all comatose from the food.

jeudi, mai 06, 2004

i've got a cup of coffee in my hand,

and my head still hurts like a motherfucker.


last saturday i walked past a big white tent with a band playing inside and lots of people crowding all around. i wasn't listening. then i was. who's playing on this stage? i asked. it's stellastar. stellastar? i don't think i've heard of them. so i got the cd a day ago, and i've fallen terribly, terribly in love with it.

mercredi, mai 05, 2004

today we had things to celebrate - kevin, dave and i went a bit crazy and had a 7 course, 3 hour lunch at no. 9 park. we started with oysters, had a tasting of a white asparagus soup, munched on crispy mushroom crepes, dived into seared atlantic salmon, went on to roasted lamb, paused for oxygen with a plate of apples and Burgundy cheese, cleansed our palates on a grapefruit-lychee sorbet, and finally finished off with ricotta cream in a pasty shell with fresh raspberries.

i do think that's about the most extravagent lunch i've ever had.