mercredi, juin 30, 2004

i seem unhappy today.

in fact, very much so - all anxious with the heart sputtering through a series of fast turns and slow stretches.

mardi, juin 22, 2004

'Is love all we need?'

'No, my dear, we also need cocaine, cash and cocktails' - René Risqué

dimanche, juin 20, 2004

happy father's day dad!

samedi, juin 19, 2004

some days it becomes impossible to sleep.

nothing i've ever done makes any sense, none of the story books offer a way out, and none of the music is as comforting as i once thought it. and i want so much to look forward to the morning but just thinking ahead fucking pisses me off.

vendredi, juin 18, 2004

major damage control

au travail aujourd'hui.

but i suppose that things have simmered down, and i'll just have to figure it all out over the weekend. funny how our moods can swing to the ends of the earth and back in all of 30 seconds.

i'm tempted to get another mazzy star album. and possibly the latest les savy fav. but i shall attempt to resist.

or i could just figure out a way to double my salary.
It's great when I get up in the morning and I've got one job to do - to push the clouds away and let the sun come through.
- Stamos Zades, 81

jeudi, juin 17, 2004

bien sur, je suis amoureux d'elle.

mardi, juin 15, 2004

hey pauline you'll be the HOTTEST COOLEST cleaning lady EVER!

we're in a conference room on the top floor with a brilliant view of the river.

it's mildly disconcerting to have the seagulls suddenly swoosh and dive past the windows.

big white fuzzy things abruptly appearing from the corner of my eye, floating for a moment, and then vanishing just as quickly.

lundi, juin 14, 2004

i can't believe that i'm still fucking pissed off about that incident.

happy thoughts leo. happy thoughts.

dimanche, juin 13, 2004

yes, i am aware that bastille day is july 14.

we merely choose to celebrate it every monday.

pauline made a MOVIE!

i've got a design presentation tomorrow and my slides are NO WHERE IN ORDER. what the heck am i going to talk about?

STUCK in the office.


mercredi, juin 09, 2004

sometimes you just hit this slump. this dark object in the middle of everything that obscures all your thoughts and emotions. it's like my head just got disconnected from the world and i'm just staring out through a remote video terminal. sszzZZzsssst fuzzy fuzzy static.

today started well. but lunch was weird.

and i think the rest of the week has been thoroughly planned in terms of things to do and people to see or meet. but i don't really want to do any of it anymore. you know things aren't going well when it becomes a chore to do that something.

(hide leonard hide!)

mardi, juin 08, 2004

i am in the office WAY TOO FUCKING EARLY.

leonard is drunk.

maek that very DRIUNK.

dimanche, juin 06, 2004

dearest diary, i got up (relatively) early today, developed some rolls in the darkroom, went brunching at trident with anna, and found two cool magazines ( print, and reporters sans frontieres ).

now i'm home and somehow antsy from not having anything else to do.

what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-me? can't-seem-to-fucking-sit-still-or-calm-my-mind.

samedi, juin 05, 2004



and i'm going


it's not supposed to be like this,

is it?

mardi, juin 01, 2004

the sky is


leonard is depressed and might perhaps go OFF himself.