lundi, février 28, 2005

the snow conditions suck. like really really badly. in fact, the snow is almost nonexistent.

so i'm cancelling my vacation and working from here. someone did suggest jumping on the next plane to tahoe but even i think that's mildly excessive.

dimanche, février 27, 2005

in a whistler hotel room. it's about 5 in the morning and i can't sleep anymore. if i managed to adjust to geneve-haute savoie time, that probably means that my body thinks that it's 5+3+6 = 14 = 2pm in the afternoon. which could be a reason.

it's funny, whistler village seems to me like a disneyland for college kids and adults. there's just something about it. it seems like it exists in its own world rather than in british columbia. the cobbled streets look too perfect. every store, every bar, every restaurant clean and glitzy and adorned with bright hypnotic lights. guys and girls running around drunk and dressed to pick up, everyone's checking everyone out, everyone's getting wasted, and everyone's observing with intent.

the alarm clock just randomly went off for some reason and everyone got up. "leonard, why are you awake, it's 530."

"i can't sleep."

several hours till we ski.

samedi, février 26, 2005

Onwards to Canadia!

Onwards to Canadia!

Vertigo vertigo. Back at the aeroport. We've checked in et j'ai faim and I'm pondering a second breakfast.

Onwards to Canadia!

Onwards to Canadia!
got back into boston at about eight this evening. the plane ride was horrid but i've just had one of the happiest weeks in my life. i'm not even going to try to describe it (yet). i have to leave again in a few hours on a 930am flight to vancouver.

tired but i can't sleep.

jeudi, février 17, 2005

Best Ever

Best Ever

Ok the continental club at newark is the greatest thing ever - free drinks at the bar! Holy fuck! Just ordered myself a manhattan on the rocks hoping that I'll be ready to crash on the flight out.

Newark diners

Newark diners
This is what a diner _inside_ of newark airport looks like. The Garden State diner. I still refuse to see that movie.



Checked in. Hanging out at the continental club watching cnn. Ended up throwing another pair of sunglasses into my bag. Negoponte's the new intelligence director.
freaking out for some reason or other. just nervous as hell before the trip. i worry too much.

mardi, février 15, 2005

it's been one of the most beautiful days so far and i had franz ferdinand accompanying me on the walk to work. in the office now prepping for a 230 call and being drawn towards the walkmen.

lundi, février 14, 2005

shows to see
3/09 interpol at the orpheum (fuck i won't be around)
4/10 m83 at the paradise rock club
5/04 junior boys at the middle east
so so so relieved. finally cleared up all my pre-travel to-dos. sent out meetup details to the gang, emailed a friend's friend in geneva for a night's sleepover, settled airport transfer for whistler, AND i got my whistler to san diego to boston details all sorted out.

i think that's almost everything. almost.

le weekend
maiya and i left thursday evening for sunday river. we drove 6 hours through a blizzard to a farmhouse with 20 of her workfriends and workfriends' friends and we made random friends and went boarding and hottubbing and i tried my best to stay inebriated when i wasn't on the slopes. it was fun. so fun!

jeudi, février 10, 2005

got pretty fucking annoyed today. brought a friend out for a $150 lunch and he/she complained about paying $16 for parking. what the fuck. i just blew money on this friend and he/she had the fucking nerve to complain about 16 fucking dollars? it's just the fucking principle of the matter. where's that bit of courtesy or etiquette? it sounds harsh but i'm probably never going to bring that person out again. i have to admit that i've lost a bit of respect for this person.

mercredi, février 09, 2005

lent has arrived once again and i'm going to try (once again) to give up shopping*, starting now. wish me the best of luck. i can do this. 40 days.

(*) shopping is defined as the indiscriminate purchasing of items. necessary and much needed items are not part of the deal. for example, it would be fine for me to purchase lightbulbs for the apartment, but not an ipod shuffle, dior tie, or portable jbl speakers**. i am still figuring out what category cds should fall under.

(**) all recently and already purchased. oh thank gawd.

the red lights mean you're leaving. the white ones mean returning. tell me how this story ends, and i'll keep them fires burning.

the headlights look like diamonds. the taillights burn like coals. tell me how this story ends, before the fires go cold.

if i could be any happier right now. elated just because.

lundi, février 07, 2005

pauline where have you been? i'm sad that you didn't come to see the arcade fire with us. i want to meet your cat.

just had a spliff with mr thompson. now we've moved on to J&Bs. listening to yo la tengo and waiting for:
- some intense pork curry
- 24 twentyfour 24


please please come this week. please.
i'm in the office not doing anything now except wait for a song to finish. it's quite dark out. supposed to be somewhere later to watch 24 but i feel like hiding this evening. i don't know.
this morning i got some coffee from the cafeteria and it was the most disgusting thing EVER. i've started drinking cold water and hot tea in an effort to rinse the taste away.

samedi, février 05, 2005



at the four seasons for the DC winter party. that's my hot date maiya. she looks bored but really she's not.

Pretty drunk

Pretty drunk

vendredi, février 04, 2005

today i made a new friend at the office.

saleem did too.

mercredi, février 02, 2005

je suis amoureux fou d'elle.
i gave in to temptation, ran across the street and bought a dior skinny tie. so wanted to get two but damnit i need to save money badly.
i didn't drink all that much last night but somehow i feel really dehydrated.

now i'm at 590 madison thirsty as hell and feeling somewhat claustrophobic in the mobility center because there are about 50 people sitting down, with maybe 30 audibly on the phone. i'm also pretty close to the entrance so the sound of people streaming in and out gets a bit annoying too.