jeudi, mars 31, 2005

as of this moment, leonard has been set debt free. YES! no more credit card bills! whoosh whooosh!

lundi, mars 28, 2005

it's raining out it's drizzling out.

and i'm at home sick with my throat on fire and a tangerine pot of green genmai tea beside me. the arcade fire is playing and i'd like very much to go back to sleep but there are slides to go through and then documents to discuss. 2 meetings in the afternoon and i don't know how i'll be able to talk through them.


mercredi, mars 23, 2005

Photo 268.jpg

Photo 268.jpg

"Ok, I want you to sew my eyebrow back on."

in a hotel room in north carolina watching strange movies on tv. might be showtime, might be hbo.

samedi, mars 19, 2005

today was fun.

had brunch at trident with jeff and then started walking back towards home when maiya suddenly appeared and whisked me away to an afternoon of shopping on newbury and a second brunch in the south end. gina appeared halfway through the adventure and both girls were singing everywhere they went. now i'm back at home and the girls have run off in search of new hair styles.

kathie and karyn are celebrating their birthdays this evening. i might nap first and go later.

jeudi, mars 17, 2005

i have to arrange a trip to raleigh (north carolina) for early next week but somehow i seem to be avoiding it. i do not understand.

we're having a st patty's dinner party this evening and we've planned for guinness stew, shepherd's pie, and green green veggies and salads. i guess i should start on the mashed potatoes right now.

mercredi, mars 16, 2005

sipping Old Overholt whiskey and working, and somehow liking it. what the hell is wrong with me this evening?

mardi, mars 15, 2005

sometimes i pretend that it's misty, raining, and cloudy outside so that i can fall asleep. there are memories from somewhere someplace in my life when everything's just peaceful and calm and there's a storm brewing outside and i don't know if it's gentle or furious with thunder but there's a luxurious scent of moisture in the air and the wind rushes through the cracks in the windows. and maybe i'm standing outside. but i'm all quiet inside and i breathe easy and i am safe from harm.

lundi, mars 14, 2005

samedi, mars 12, 2005

we cleaned the apartment today. we also spent two hours prior discussing the interior decoration and looking at furniture to buy. quite shocking for 4 straight guys but yes. anyways.

so i got in at about 11 yesterday morning. my bags also arrived with me and that knowledge was frankly quite comforting. i zoomed back home, jumped in and out of the shower then headed over to via matta for lunch with saleem and jeremy. somehow i ended up at the office listening in to a conference call and getting quite agitated with a lack of architecture definitions for the meeting. either that, or i was just out of the loop and therefore ignorant of already established norms.

anyway jeremy, jeff and i perchanced upon adam on a date at The Other Side and then sent over a bottle of expensive red stripe with two straws. i do think both parties were well-pleased.
i am home.

jeudi, mars 10, 2005

can you believe it? i'm in st louis, missouri. one plane landed late and the other decided to leave on time (for once). so i missed the second flight and i've been put up au gratuit at a howard johnson with its own indian restaurant and korean disco bar. the sheets and towels smell like a dentist's office. quite appalling really.

met an eccentric writer who had been delayed two days already. we smoked cigarettes while waiting for people to pick us up. i swear airports are the new purgatory. i'm being punished for stuff i haven't done.

do we get credit for stuff like that? does it mean i can be evil or naughty or wicked and get away with it all? i like that.

my head has started hurting like a mutherfucker. what the hell's going on?

mercredi, mars 09, 2005

i'm done with the conference and i've the rest of the day to get some work done. i refused to take the redeye flight so i'm leaving tomorrow morning at about ten or eleven. i stayed up till about three or four last night reading jonathan strange and mister norrell - it's been awhile since i've done that and i've sorely missed that feeling. tired but it feels so good to be so luxuriously trapped in a good book.

( the left mouse button on my thinkpad now works only 50% of the time and it's bloody infuriating.)

ok i think i'm going to go out for lunch by the water.

dimanche, mars 06, 2005

had breakfast by the marina then went walking in downtown san diego. i got to the gaslight district but didn't find anything really. a ghastly mall with signs screaming MACYS and SAM GOODY ambushed me along the way and i tried to get out as fast as i could. i think i saw about 7 or 8 starbucks in the space of two hours. i forgot a formalish belt to go with the suit but i think i'm going to brave it with a white one.

sleepy. i probably need to go get some coffee or something. so tempted to get a pack of cigarettes.

vendredi, mars 04, 2005

pauline inspires me. she makes me want to be happy. i like knowing that i know her. and she just turned a year older.

jeudi, mars 03, 2005

i started my first real job ever on 3/3/3. and it's been exactly two years! i'm actually quite surprised i'm still alive and kicking.


do i feel any different? no. but the sun is out and i'm going snowboarding right after this conference call. like now. that's hot.

mercredi, mars 02, 2005

here's a video of tim russert interviewing hunter s thompson some time back.
Somehow, what troubles people isn’t so much being average as settling for it. Everyone knows that averageness is, for most of us, our fate. And in certain matters—looks, money, tennis—we would do well to accept this. But in your surgeon, your child’s pediatrician, your police department, your local high school? When the stakes are our lives and the lives of our children, we expect averageness to be resisted.
- really well-written article from the new yorker on ranking doctors in healthcare.

By the way, don't ever settle for being average, in anything.
i just got a bloody scrape from crashing into the murphy bed. fuck. i wonder if it's going to affect the snowboarding any.

(ps) i still love vermont.

mardi, mars 01, 2005

hello! it's strange so strange but i'm so incredibly comfy in the hotel room right now. and i HATE hotel rooms. ok fine i loved the hudson.
it's been really beautiful out here. it snowed some last night and everyone's excited to run to the mountains. i think the guys are headed to whistler mountain today (au lieu de blackcomb).

everyone's getting ready. i'm on a conference call with new york.

there's something strangely comforting about the air up here. it's not unlike the fresh, misty atmosphere before a pending rainstorm. and it's bringing back so many vague yet mildly soothing memories.