lundi, avril 25, 2005

jeff and luke are giving me shit for eating rabbit, insisting that it's a fucking rodent. anyway, so jeff brings up manatees, "i think i'd eat a manatee. i'm not going to eat rabbit because it moves around too much. it's too active. i like sedentary things. and all manatees do is hang out and eat and eat. the only problem is that they are endangered."

manatee's are also known as sea cows. sea beef. imagine that. i'm seriously wondering if they'd taste yummy.
i _really_ wanted to go running today but jeff says that it's 40 out so that's too cold. way too cold. so i can't go running.

i'm going to make some eggs and hashbrowns instead. oh and un peu du cafe. i think i'm going to grill some rabbit for dinner.
i'm lying in bed with we have the facts and we're voting yes on repeat. i'm tired and i should probably close my eyes and try to go to sleep. i want something to do but there's nothing that i want to do.

i had a late brunch with jackie at trident cafe sometime this afternoon and we spoke of random things. she wants to go horse riding. i think she's going to start doing that trapeze thing too, just like jenn. later in the day i spent some time at the photolab developing negatives alongside this really pretty girl who i think is in her second year at the school.

dimanche, avril 24, 2005

so i think we drank quite a bit last night. i'd have completely forgotten the events had not jeff whipped out his trusty camera.

vendredi, avril 22, 2005

just throw me overboard, with maybe the tindersticks playing in the background. hey does drinking water make you more thirsty? i don't understand what's going on. i'm like eternally parched.

jeudi, avril 21, 2005

these days i've been listening to interpol like crack. helps drown out all the thoughts.

on another note it's really beautiful out. jeremy, jeff and i had lunch in the sun at The Other Side. i had a brooklyn brown with my sandwich and somehow that beer was just extra delicious today.

mardi, avril 19, 2005

i don't really want to do anything in the evenings anymore. i don't really know why. just kinda want to sit there and not bother. i look at emails but i don't reply to many of them. if i owe you an email or a phone call, i'm really sorry. i'll get there soon. i promise.

i'd like to get things done, especially this evening, but there's little that makes me want to take that next step forward. i'm even forcing myself to make some dinner despite not being hungry. i've decided to channel-surf to an arcade fire soundtrack.

i had a nice walk back from work but things became all monochrome when i got home.

dimanche, avril 17, 2005

We got really fucking drunk last night at adam's birthday party.

vendredi, avril 15, 2005

jeudi, avril 14, 2005

oh wow, neil gaiman and roger avary are writing a beowulf script.
so fucking tired right now. i think i have to skip darkroom class today to get some work ready for tomorrow.

i've been in the apartment since 3 yesterday afternoon. i need to step out somewhere anywhere.

damn hangovers.

but hey we had a great dinner party last night celebrating krista and ashley turning a year older. jeremy and i served 5 courses for 10 people:

- spaghetti in a tomato, butter and chili pepper sauce
- leek and potato soup with a dash of chili olive oil
- salad of baby spinach tossed in walnut oil
- souffle omelettes
- chicken kiev with coconut rice and a japanese curry sauce

now it's already noon and i've stuff due in a few. wish i could go back to bed really.

dimanche, avril 10, 2005

it's getting dark and it's getting cold. but today has still been beautifully peaceful. i'm stressed out over work i'm due to send out this evening but it's been a strange tranquil stress. listening to an iron and wine song that may sent me. i sent her an arcade fire song in return.

i skipped mass today. and i missed developing negatives. but i think it will be ok.
last night we ran over to an apartment across the street to play beer pong with mo, jess, pete, tina, anne and a bunch of other kids.

it's really gorgeous out. i'm by the window working. i really feel like napping.

samedi, avril 09, 2005

can you fucking believe this? i'm still sick. what the fuck. i thought this was some "virus that would sort itself out in a week." and there's been a fuckload of work to be done and it's just been annoying to have to also deal with the coughing and the lethargy. my roommates probably think i'm about to expire from coughing my lungs out.

i've just gotten up from a nap and i'm listening to slowdive in the living room. shoegazing oh yeah. i can't wait for summer.

on a lighter note, i (finally) did my taxes this morning. yay! it took me a gazillion hours and here's something i learnt. get someone to figure out your taxes for you if you've sold stock through an employee stock purchase plan (espp). why? because it's bloody complicated and i almost tore my hair out figuring all this crap. my gawd that whole process sucked.

jeudi, avril 07, 2005

Alright you just shot them both. Now what do you do?

Sit down, finish my dinner.

mercredi, avril 06, 2005



Celebrating wing getting imprisoned by marriage.

lundi, avril 04, 2005

ok so i've essentially been shooting myself in the foot with all the drinking i've been doing whilst being sicker than a dog in his last days. so i've decided that i'm going to _not_ drink for the next week.

i just missed an important work meeting and now it's damage control mode.

vendredi, avril 01, 2005

ok then. so color darkroom got cancelled. i ended up transferring to a class on the zone system, which is a way of understanding the spectrum of lights and darks in scenes and then exposing and developing correctly.

after class i ran to a johnnie walker tasting with luke and friends and then crashed home drunk and still quite sick. bleh.