mardi, mai 31, 2005

i had a dream last night. timm and pauline were there, along with a girl that i know i knew well, but i can't seem to place her. we were all on a ship. a really big ship that in hindsight might've been a hotel of some kind. or a movie theater. there were all these rows of velvet seats and they faced a large projection screen. or a stage.

we were going somewhere. i think.

and i think i panicked when we went looking for our seats, overwhelmingly afraid that someone would have taken them.

lundi, mai 23, 2005

oh fuck i forgot to collect my negatives from the darkroom! fuck fuck fuck someone will have thrown it away!

jeudi, mai 19, 2005

somehow i'm strangely apprehensive about going to the darkroom this evening. not too sure why. c'est bizarre n'est pas?

mercredi, mai 18, 2005

fuck i think i'm falling sick.

(ps) some prom photos are up.

mardi, mai 17, 2005

i'm playing softball this evening. it's going to be fundamentally embarressing.

lundi, mai 16, 2005

Anna at trident

Anna at trident

I got a flask inside my pocket we can share it on the train. And if you promise to stay conscious I will try and do the same. We might die from medication but we sure killed all the pain. But what was normal in the evening by the morning seems insane.

i've started on a bottle of bud and i'm dressed sloppily and a designer friend is coming in an hour to interview me. not sure what it's all about really. during sunday brunch anna and i decided that today would be the first day of our exercising lives. we're going to start playing tennis twice a week.

ritzy graduated yesterday! w o o o o o h o o o ! CONGRATULATIONS!

mardi, mai 10, 2005

it's 6pm eastern but i'm on the west coast with 3pm on the clock. it's bloody disconcerting and i feel like i should be able to get off work already.


lundi, mai 09, 2005

in silicon valley for intense week-long meetings.

there is an overwhelming sadness that's been floating around and i want so badly to hide away in some form of comforting darkness. i want to sleep but all my insecurities are manifesting in my dreams.

samedi, mai 07, 2005


( more photos here | click! )

vendredi, mai 06, 2005



In the car with jeremy, deb, and 10 helium balloons!

i'm so sleepy that i feel retarded.

and there's a strange compulsion to brush my teeth.

( poe poe | xiu xiu )

lundi, mai 02, 2005

so we're staying at a creepy hotel in tarrytown, new york. we felt all nervous and uneasy as we walked down a corridor that stretched on for over a hundred yards. i bet this inspired The Shining. we got in late and haven't seen anyone about the hotel save the concierge. the room's on the ground floor and it looks out into a small unlit garden. i had to draw the curtains before imagining someone standing outside looking in.

Are You Just SuperFucking Cool and Hip and Awesome?

We're looking for a roommate to join the family.

dimanche, mai 01, 2005

yes, i've managed to procrastinate beautifully till sunday night. now i'm armed with a fresh pot of coffee and i'm all revved and ready to finish these slides. sure. and i've got to pack for tomorrow - i'll be in new york through wednesday/thursday for meetings. i hate packing.

(ps) we're having a prom party on saturday. get your tuxes and gowns ready! don't forget the corsage!