samedi, août 27, 2005

mardi, août 23, 2005


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lundi, août 15, 2005

Where's a kickass french speaker when you need one? I need to respond to someone, preferably in a witty fashion.


dimanche, août 14, 2005

(Cue in Le Weekend by Saloon.)

"Oh wow! She was really pissed off!" said Eran and Antoine together as we rode the subway back home.

"Really? Are you sure? I thought she seemed in an alright mood..."

"Yes! She had daggers in her eyes - she looked like she so wanted to kill you!" went Eran, nodding with her eyes wide open.

vendredi, août 12, 2005

jeudi, août 11, 2005

( must watch must watch )
twenty forty-six
pretty persuasion
harry potter number whatever with the triwizard tournament
the fountain
v for vendetta
a history of violence
broken flowers
i made some icons for work aujourd'hui. adobe illustrator is kinda fun.

lundi, août 08, 2005

"Oh I can't go now. I'm in the zone. I've actually opened this program and I can't go anywhere."

A minute later I ran over to the mall with Saleem to get coffee before his 1pm conference call. I'm back. And I should get back in the zone and I will. But I stumbled on this.

Let's never come here again because it would never be so much fun.

When I think about this, I remember Lausanne five years ago. And Saint Jean d'Aulps February this year.

Okay I'd better go.

vendredi, août 05, 2005

jeudi, août 04, 2005

Hello. The new camera came in today. Yay! My first, real, digital camera, ever. Thank the lord for credit cards and being able to spend money that I haven't yet made, and all that good good stuff.

(fyi) Brilliant Industrial Designer Anna is having her design presentation at 6pm this evening, at the Doran Gallery, MassArt, 600 Huntington Avenue. Go. Go. Go.

lundi, août 01, 2005

crap. my page is all messed up. need to rebuild this somehow. crap.
isn't this interesting? alright okay, so i had a canon SD400 camera in my amazon cart for $349.99 and when i checked this morning, yelled out, hey the camera's now going for $399.99, and i went fuck shit crap damnit.

but then i noticed (1) that J & R music world was selling it for $349.99, and (2) that there was this Complain About The Exorbitant Price button. yep. so i clicked it and told them about the cheaper thing and LOE AND BEHOLD (about 5 hours later) the camera had a new updated price of $339.94!!!

*Leonard pats himself on the back. Pat Pat.*

okay so i've no idea if this was just mere (mere) coincidence. but whatever. it feels good. so i just bought a damn camera without any idea of how i'm going to pay for it. but it feels good.