vendredi, septembre 23, 2005

“Purpose of your visit?”

I pause. For some reason I don’t know what to say. Business? Leisure? I can’t say leisure, leisure sounds so sleazy.

“Er, fun? I’m visiting a friend, we’re going to see a concert.”

The immigration agent is clearly not amused. Fun? Who the fuck says Fun. Why didn’t I say leisure? Why did I even pause?

“What concert?” comes forth, though not really in the form of a question. I don't think he knows how to blink.

“Interpol,” I go. He’s flipping through my passport. Dude just let me go through. I have things to do. He obviously doesn’t give a fuck about me going to see Interpol.

“Who is your friend?” No contractions. Not who’s your friend, but Who Is Your Friend.

“Jennifer Schachter.” Do you want me to spell it for you?

“Where does she stay?”

I have no idea really. “Toronto.” Hopefully that sounds okay. I hope Toronto isn’t a state.

“So you work in the United States – do you have a business card?”

He wants my fucking business card? I open my wallet and give him a business card. He looks at it. Does he ever blink?

“Okay you can go. Enjoy your visit in Canada.” Thank-the-lord. I grab my bag off the ground and start to walk off. I wonder if Jenn’s here already.

“Don’t forget your business card.” What the fuck, at least keep the fucking business fucking card.

jeudi, septembre 22, 2005

* * P A R T Y R E M I N D E R * *

mardi, septembre 20, 2005

hey [pauline] i really really like banshee beat from Animal Collective!

samedi, septembre 17, 2005

This is erin

We are drinking at the Other Side. Jeff and Ayman, and Sonia and Eric and Brittany and other people whose name I forget are also here, drinking at the Other Side.

vendredi, septembre 16, 2005

Holy fuck

That's a huge fucking cake.

( sent from heaven by elroar )


I'm drunk and blazed and at dinner with people laughing and having fun,


I'm having fun,


Why am I sad?

( sent from heaven by elroar )
It's dave's birthday today and there's a reservation at approximately eight-thirty at Smith and Wollensky with a contingent (I'm guessing) of his business school friends. I'm at home watching a dvd of Six Feet Under and going remarkably quickly through glasses of wine and coke.

Claire Fisher is in love and Nate thinks they should sell the funeral home.

Almost seven.
I should shower and roll a spliff before I head out.

mardi, septembre 13, 2005

lundi, septembre 12, 2005

oh cool. i have managed to secure a table for dinner tomorrow at Balthazar. this is the first time the concierge thing has worked out.

jeudi, septembre 01, 2005