lundi, octobre 31, 2005

happy birthday little brother!

samedi, octobre 29, 2005

getting closer till we open our doors for All Hallow's Eve. the keg's just been tapped. the wine bottles are out. the furniture is in place and the mirrorball will soon begin the first of its many rotations.

i'm somewhat fatigued but my first beer is slowly waking me up. tried working today but it didn't work. "we should pace ourselves this time round," went luke. i fully agree. we are the hosts tonight, and we host good parties, and goddamnit we will remember your name! (especially if you're female and utterly gorgeous.)

though i'm not sure how exactly this plan will work. at the last halloween party i discovered a brutal fruit punch and barely survived an hour before passing out somewhere on the third floor with vague recollections of some people helping some girl puke out the window. or something like that.

vendredi, octobre 28, 2005

mercredi, octobre 26, 2005

so, one way to do it, is to just not give a fuck right? this will probably take some effort. and i'm obviously in two minds about this. ce qui me rend folle, c'est que je ne sais a quoi tu penses quand tu es comme ca.

it's beautiful out. it's also dark now and i'm listening to I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness. and as dan the weatherman roommate observed some time back, the temperature has dropped remarkably:


October typically sees the greatest fall in avg. temp. at Boston of any month.

Avg. high/low 10/1 (climatologically, F) 67.2/51.4
Avg. high/low 10/31............................ 56.9/42.2

Probably won't matter when drunk, but the roofdeck is more comfortable with temps in the mid 50s. vs. mid 40s....


on other fronts, i've just used a cheek scraper. the instructions that came with it then told me to insert the scraper tip into a clear plastic vial with a special code on it. this said vial, will be sent off soon for dna analysis. population genetics. the inside of my cheek is kinda bleeding from the scraper. maybe i scrubbed too hard. taste of blood on my tongue. this is somehow interesting in a perverse, medical sort of way. anyways, i have to do it again tomorrow (on perhaps the other cheek?) since they sent me 2 sample vials. all this pain for the national genographic project.

mercredi, octobre 12, 2005

lundi, octobre 10, 2005

working. i've had espresso and tea and cigarettes and it's going good but for some reason or other i seem to want to drive myself to exhaustion. the thought of lying there not falling asleep fucking scares me.

fuck. i just spilled water on the fucking keyboard. ah fuck it. fuck it. i hope these thinkpads are as water resistant as people say they are. is this a sign that i should stop working?

truck on.

jeudi, octobre 06, 2005

hello friends, it's been awhile. we're having a party tonight in honor of luke richard thompson. he takes his PhD qualifying exams at 230 this afternoon and he will do well. we've planned for 300 beers. if you don't think that's enough, then by all means bring more.

up early early. probably from the guilt of having accomplished little in the past few days. on tuesday i got in a volvo s80, drove 3 hours to armonk new york, and had an hour long meeting with my mentor where she whispered secrets to ruling the world. then i promptly drove home with a dozen thoughts in my head. alright i have a car should i get the beer now? or later? is there anything cool i can do with the car this evening? yeah but it's going to be a bitch returning later tonight. you're right you're right.

i got home and found a little package waiting on the bench outside my bedroom. maia (meeeg!) had sent over a copy of lolita. she's awesome and such a sweetie. i actually think i have a copy of that somewhere around but it's a dusty old, cloth bound (Everyman's Library) volume - i was probably never going to read it anyway, i seem to harbor an aversion towards hardcover books. i rather like paperbacks that i can write diary entries into, underline and circle passages and phrases, and then throw into my bag or onto the floor. oh don't get me wrong. i love my books.