lundi, février 27, 2006

"I really wanted us to work out. I really did."

ohmigawd belle and sebastian playing at avalon tonight! the new pornographers to open!


(neko i love you!)

mardi, février 21, 2006

Back from everywhere,
but here. Sit. Shuffle, deal, breathe.
Play. Don’t run away.

lundi, février 20, 2006

Jen and Leonard Visit Napa Valley

(originally an email to jessica scott and ahmad khalil)

how was matchpoint?

on FRIDAY we:
were late for a reservation at macarthur park,
so we had a late dinner at tamarine,
and then we went to a keg party at stanford where there were too many guys.
but at least jen and i were the best looking couple there.
(we definitely took consolation in that.)

got up late and had brunch at hobees,
then jumped in the car and drove across the golden gate bridge,
and found ourselves in sonoma,
and tasted wine and bought balsamic vinegar and garlic oil at viansa vineyards,
raced towards kunde winery and drank drank more wine,
then we appeared at chateau saint jean and drank some more,
what's next oh coffee in cute little healdsburg (really cute),
jen bought these cool french espadrilles from a girl who was repairing her earrings,

and then we got lost in north napa

and it got dark

and we started panicking

but then we entered this magical forest where the trees held hands and we found a bright yellow brick road that led us back to napa.

"where the fuck's our hotel?" jen asked.
"it should be right here... or there..."

but it wasn't.

"THERE IT IS!" i screamed when i saw a bright blue sign saying CHATEAU HOTEL.

long story short(er), we found ourselves late for another dinner reservation but the people at angele were really cool and seated us even though we were almost an hour late. veal, monkfish, mac and cheese, brussel sprouts. wine. more wine. more wine. then we went back to the hotel and plotted to rule the world.

tried to go for brunch but everywhere was crowded
so we opted instead for glasses of champagne at mumm,
and then ran over to opus one for the most expensive tasting ever,
(and it was actually really, really, really good.)
then we started driving back.
an orange light came on and we screamed "oh fuck we're almost out of gas!"
and prayed that we'd at least be able to coast downhill from some high up mountain.
in any event, god sent us a gas station (that accepted credit cards),
and we got back to civilization.


jen and leo

( more photos! click! )

mercredi, février 15, 2006

La Jolla, California.

mardi, février 14, 2006

i was late for the flight but i made it to san diego. where the sky screams of blue and the air is salty and pleasant. "i want to go to the beach tomorrow," i said last night as we drove back to the hotel.

i want to go to the beach today.

when do i give up all the cards, maybe move to the next table?
when should i cut and run?

jeudi, février 09, 2006

Running about in Colorado. Denver, Silverthorn, Copper, Vail.

samedi, février 04, 2006

it rained a shitload last night but we went out anyways. maiya and i, to the design continuum winter party. we rode an elevator thirty three floors up to the State Room where the windows were supposed to look out over the city's financial district. it was foggy rainy out so we tried to pretend we were high up in the clouds.

i brought a flask of whiskey along but it got confiscated when i passed it over to chris for a sip or two. thank god i was already pretty fucking trashed. it's called planning ahead.