dimanche, mars 26, 2006

alright leonard: you need lights by the left side of the bed, up on the wall. one, two, three, maybe four. up, up, up. next to the tall stack of books.

project. project.

samedi, mars 18, 2006

this is jenn. jenn is currently somewhere in japan. she likes dressing in a kimono.

hello jenn,

how have you been? i have been good, not too bad i guess. we had a party last night. saint patrick's day, also known as Evacuation Day to the boston schoolkids. i didn't black out but somehow i don't remember much of it. i know what you're thinking: perhaps leonard drank a bit too much?

no such thing.

in any event, i had an amazing time. AH-MAZING.

only thing was, i got up at about noon this afternoon parched and dehydrated and with a mild case of post-drinking-depression:

fuck i can't believe i said that last night.

fuck i did that?

my gawd. this is downright embarrassing.

okay. i should stop now. it is a saturday night and we have several pitchers of killian's irish red in front of us.

take care!


mardi, mars 14, 2006

party on friday.
party on friday.
party on friday.

lundi, mars 13, 2006

"gawd, i don't even know why i'm cooking right now. why am i even hungry?"

"that's because you're stoned."

"oh okay, that's alright then."

jeudi, mars 02, 2006

we are hosting a cocktail party for sixteen tomorrow evening. and i have just realized that while i'm pretty good (seriously now) at dinner parties with menus of three, six or nine courses, i don't know shit about cocktails and hors d'oeuvres.

mild panic is setting in.

mercredi, mars 01, 2006

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

For the next forty days I will be giving up:
- shopping (stuff like CDs, clothes, random stuff, food is okay)
- cigarettes

I will also be limiting myself to One Coffee A Day. God help me.