mardi, mai 30, 2006

i have not had a drink since friday. today is... hm... tuesday... 1, 2, 3, 4 days. wow this is some sort of record for 2006.

in any event, the sun is going down and i am in the office. things to do things to do things to do. the cellphone is off and it's nice that it's off.

dimanche, mai 21, 2006

how did we meet? i was on a train somewhere along the redline and sat beside this random girl. blond. funky. definitely some attitude going there. probably a knife hidden in her back pocket.

"hey there."


and then she offered me a swig of whiskey off her hipflask. at about park street i said, hey would you like to go for a drink and she said yes and we went over to the Littlest Bar, which is actually really the littlest bar in boston. i remember sitting on some steps just outside. she had this pinkish lipstick on and a pink ipod in her bag and i said, how are you doing, and she said i'm good, how are you doing?

i was good.

a few jacks and a few cokes and we found our way to another bar. maybe it was the Rattlesnake. maybe it was somewhere else. but there was a roof and you could smoke there and we rattled on about the randomest things and then somehow we came up with a plan to continue further down boylston. well i was drunk so i'm not sure where we went next but somehow we found ourselves at Clio (which is actually this nice french-japanese place on mass ave) and the maitre'd said hm, i think it's going to take about an hour. we looked at each other and said, that's cool, you've got a bar and we've got time.