mercredi, août 30, 2006

I like it when the lights go off.

We're on a train hurtling towards Boston. It's been a gorgeous calming ride. We boarded at Penn Station New York. And right now we're moving up the coast and I can see what seems like a million sailboats. The sky's a warm orange.

The coast is terribly beautiful. I do like taking the train.

Earlier there was a guy sitting across the aisle who started playing with a music box of sorts. I was on the verge of getting annoyed and pissed off but then it reminded me of that Aphex Twin piece Nanook and suddenly I was fine with it.

We walked down a few cars and checked out the food carriage but there was nothing except stale sandwiches and cans of cheap soda.

I like it when the lights go off in the train. Sudden darkness except for tiny inset ceiling lamps. The darkening sky takes over and you can almost smell the clouds, the trees, notice shimmering lights from distance buildings and towns.

mardi, août 29, 2006

and on the sixth day, there was a big fucking party.