mardi, octobre 31, 2006

i had an early lunch today. cantonese noodles tossed in egg and butter (kinda like a carbonara), salt, pepper, topped with ventresca tuna and fresh chilli padi. so good.

lundi, octobre 30, 2006


yes, those rabbit ears threw me off.


    hit me.


    i said hit me!

what are you?

     hit me and i'll tell you!


     i'm a PIN-YA-TA!

- - - - -



yeah, you kinda need to punch him like that. then activate your pulsar beam. see this arm movement!? the thrust?! click - pulsar beam on. kapow. like french fry.

- - - -



"oh god i'm so fucked!"
"wow, like really?"
"yeah really!"

aaaah! you won't believe who came to the party!


let's totally rock this party! aaaaaaah!

"hello? oh hey! you totally have to come to the party! yeah! kenmore? holy crap i live near kenmore! come over! awesome!"

"dude, the keg's kicked!"
"fuck. really?"
"i can't believe we let this happen man. we really need to get two kegs the next time. this sucks."
"wait. i have some backup wine."

"i'm hungry."

mardi, octobre 10, 2006

i am almost completely out of money and as such, i will attempt to change some of my ways. at least for an entire month.

( an exercise in temporary restraint )
- no more amazon-spending
- no more cd shopping
- no books
- no shopping (en generale)
- no more fine dining
- if i go to new york, i will no longer take the delta shuttle
- i will attempt to eat at home more often

so god help me.

vendredi, octobre 06, 2006

there are days when i am overwhelmed by the smallest of things. last night was horrid. this morning sucked. but then i got into the car and i started driving and i turned the radio on and emerson radio was on and there were these songs and i don't know, things became okay and i smiled.

skipping ahead, it's about one in the morning now.

everyone's awake. lawrence is on the playstation. luke, dabbling with garageband. michelle on the phone. me, by the dining table waiting for a phone call. mildly annoyed. frustrated.

tomorrow we leave for new york. hopefully it will be a good weekend.