samedi, novembre 04, 2006


I've just had one of the greatest birthdays ever I tell you.

First Michelle and Luke and Dan were like, hey let's go out for dinner - what about Ruth's Chris? And I really like steak and Ruth's Chris so I immediately go fuck yeah that would be awesome. And we dress up and go for some incredible food.

And after dinner we're all drunk and woozy and I'm running back into the apartment yelling Hey I'm Going To Open Another Bottle Of Wine, and I grab a bottle from my room and run into the living room and then notice maybe ten fifteen people hanging out, staring back at me.

What the fuck's going on? I remember thinking.

SURPRISE! they yell, and I'm stunned. Wah? What the fuck's going on? Holy fuck. And I'm happyshocked and pleased and confused but all my favorite people were there and you know, it was just really nice.

Here's me being retarded with some cake:


The very next day Anna and Maiya dictate that they're bringing me out on a hot date and that I should just get all dressed up and wait at home. At about eight the next evening I get a call and I run downstairs and I see the two girls all dolled up and gorgeous and with matching flowers pinned on. Maiya comes up and pins a flower on my jacket and I'm just thinking fuck yeah this is so cool.

We jet off to B&G Oysters and people notice the flowers and they keep asking us where we're coming from and if we're celebrating something.

One lady asked us if we were in some secret club.