jeudi, décembre 28, 2006

what is it, maybe three, four days till the new year?

where are we now.

( phoenix | north )

today i didn't have to go into the office but i did and i got a glass of water and i sat on the red couch and i read the latest new yorker and i listened to the latest phoenix album. incidentally i haven't had a drink in (just) over a week.

it's almost three in the afternoon and the sun is still up but if you look far out you can see the pink coming in.

a week ago my aunt called and said hey i'm leaving for france tomorrow. you should come stay with your cousins in brittany. and then we'll be in paris till the end of january. try to come.

one or two weeks ago my mom said hey you should come home. you should come to singapore.

vendredi, décembre 08, 2006

there's a party tomorrow. o there's a party tomorrow.