mercredi, février 28, 2007

Early morning maybe 7. Frankfurt. In a plane on a runway waiting for take off.

Spent a night at the Sheraton here, which was remarkably luxurious. But lonely. I slept from 10pm till 3am and then focused on the ceiling and the tv till I had to check out at 6am.

I missed seeing Dad this time round and I hope he forgives me.

Paris in about an hour. I wonder if Aunty Hetty's in town.

vendredi, février 23, 2007

oh god can you believe this?

Tuesday 2/27, 230pm-830pm
Singapore - Frankfurt

Wednesday 2/28, 745am-845am
Frankfurt - Paris

Wednesday 2/28, 11am-130pm
Paris - New York

Wednesday 2/28, 4pm-630pm
New York - Detroit

Wednesday 2/28, 708pm-842pm
Detroit - New Orleans