jeudi, mars 15, 2007

is a little party on Saturday.

Try to come. But not too many. Just enough.

2007 Progressive Party

mardi, mars 06, 2007

Hello. Oh gosh wow. There are now a ton of my photos from Singapore. Here's one from the Tekka wet market near Kadang Kerbau. CRABS! FUCK YEAH! With bright orange amazing delicious roe!

( click for the photo set )

samedi, mars 03, 2007

new orleans. can't sleep. not sure what timezone i'm dealing in right now.

not sure where all this is going.

the room

i leave for boston in a few hours. i was told to go to the cafe du monde on decatur, for the beignets and the coffee - "no! the cappuccino!" she said. "you have to go for the cappuccino!"

maybe i can get up early. maybe before the airport.