lundi, avril 30, 2007

(Lower East Side, New York.)

am I so sad?

dimanche, avril 29, 2007

Adventures in New York

samedi, avril 28, 2007

(( The Rotational Jetset ))

We had a little dinner party last night. Except that instead of courses we had our best friends sign up for DJ slots and we all played our favorite songs. Our secret songs. The ones we always wanted to tell people about.

dj grand theft ninja converses with dj lukas
i like this one. quite a lot actually.

Emily also took some photos.


In any event, I have a brunch date in a half hour and a plane to catch at three.

Mo and I are due in New York for a multitude of reasons. To see about a girl, to see about a show, to find a restaurant at the end of a decrepit alley, and to find happiness in a glass and perhaps other material and immaterial goods.

jeudi, avril 12, 2007

i just discovered this on blogotheque's concerts a emporter. and i'm really digging this song.

( Eagle*Seagull | Death could be at the door )

Invite: Marathon Monday 2007

(click for a bigger version.)

vendredi, avril 06, 2007

So on Monday I ran off to North Carolina and now I'm about to fly back to Boston and I must admit it's been an awfully good trip.

Work was good and the clients were cool and I got quite a bit done. I stayed in Chapel Hill and commuted daily along an isolated road that wound left and right through a sea of green and it was good. I slept with the balcony door open and slept better than I have in a long time.

On Tuesday we visited the Weaver Street Market and we sat outside and drank cheap wine. There were these hippies sitting next to us and they'd finished their wine and offered to trade us crackers and chips for a cup or two of white.

On Thursday I was late for a breakfast with Josh the newly-minted doctor.

Tonight it's whiskey and unpacking at catwoman's new apartment. She's a homeowner now.

mardi, avril 03, 2007

Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

It's rather depressing when you go running till you're exhausted and out of breath and you're thinking, man I really pushed myself today, and you find out it's only been 18 minutes.

I should probably do some situps or pushups or something.