samedi, août 25, 2007

i got in from new york at two thirty and spent the rest of the afternoon in bed with the curtains drawn.

modest mouse
silver jews
the brunettes
the radio dept
the rosebuds

i think i can hear michelle playing with a blender in the kitchen.

some of us are meeting at nine by harvard for dinner and drinks. half of me wants to stay in and maybe not leave till the morning. tired. paranoid.

dimanche, août 19, 2007

Luke, Leo, and Mo are sitting around a silver table by The Lower Depths, a dive bar right next to home.

"Dudes, we need to do something this weekend. Something awesome," says Mo.

"Yeah, we need to make it a big night. A fucking big night - like have everyone, everyone we know come out and party till dawn or something," says Luke, waving for another beer.

"Hell's yeah! Where should we go? The Hong Kong's fun but you really need to be trashed... there aren't any cool bars around man. Wait, maybe Allston? They have a few cool hipster bars. The model cafe or something. Where are the hot chicks?" Leonard asks, wondering if he needs another beer.

"We should just do meth and go to New York or something," goes Luke.


We all look at each other.

Luke is a genius.

"Holy crap fuck yeah now that's a plan."

SO we didn't do the meth, but we did run off to New York. Got there at 10pm, ran straight to a bar in the East Village to meet Renee and her friends, then Katie and Robin and a few girls came over. 2 hours later we were in another bar. 2 hours later we were in a dance club in the Lower East Side. DJs with blue silhouettes. Justice. The Arcade Fire. Daft Punk. Fucking Fun.

5am we get kicked out of the dance club and we go for falafel and schwarma.

We had planned for a 6am bus back to Boston but then Renee said hey I'm house-sitting this place in Brooklyn Heights you guys should crash with. So we get there and we pass out and Sunday morning we run over to Freeman Alley for brunch and then somehow make it back to Boston.

jeudi, août 09, 2007



stereogum is a pretty neat music site. i happen to like the stuff they like, and maybe you might too.

this is the website

but this is even better because it's hype's music player for stereogum. just go there and listen to any of the tracks and hype should build a little player for you.

( recent stuff i found i liked)
- maritime
- donny hue and the colors
- misha
- the weakerthans