vendredi, octobre 19, 2007

lundi, octobre 15, 2007

Get ready for Halloween.

Invite: Halloween 2007

mercredi, octobre 03, 2007

Back. Well sort of.

At a Sheraton a few miles from Somers, New York. I had a flight at three yesterday afternoon but I guess I missed it. I wonder if they missed me on the plane.

Obviously jetlagged. Been reading the news since 2am with intermittent clicks on the tv remote. Anderson Cooper 360. Adult Swim. Law and Order. Kevin Trudeau's informercial on Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About. Nothing to see here.

How to sleep.

It's close to 6 and I guess I've little choice but to power through till the evening. Spoke to Kam last night and we might try to meet for dinner in South Norwalk.

I miss home. Home meaning Boston. "You can travel the world and live anywhere, but it's important to have a base, " said Aunt Hetty. I grew up in Singapore but I guess my base right now is Boston. Many people I love are there.

With luck I'll get work sorted out and get back Thursday maybe Friday.