lundi, décembre 31, 2007

San Francisco.

Met up with Jamie at the bar she works at. Hefeweizen. Anchor Steam. Cailin was having her nails done and Adam was delayed at the airport. Then Cailin came over and after a bit we wandered about the Haight and then drove to the airport. They didn't let us wait along the arrival curb so we made about 6 laps around the terminal waiting for Adam to pick up his bags.

I broke my digital camera at the bar.

samedi, décembre 29, 2007

Noon on a Saturday.

I do not know if this is an alcohol-induced depression, or if I am just really sad. The draperies are drawn and Seabear is playing in the dark.

I am tempted to medicate. But I will hold off for a bit longer. I wonder if this mood is from the constant mélange of drinks, sometime cigarettes, and very little sleep.


( Lover's Spit - Broken Social Scene )

Yesterday was the third day in a row that I've gone to bed at five or six in the morning. In Vegas, you have to look hard to find a window and you're never quite sure what time it is.

We had dinner at the Bellagio, then walked back for drinks at the Salon. There was a man there named Michel from Paris who took very good care of us. He remembered all our drinks from the nights before, and also sent out several rounds of Patron. Martinis, whiskies, bourbon appearing and disappearing at a lush, and mildly dizzying pace.

Then maybe it was at four that we took to the craps tables. I like craps. It seems to have a mysterious romantic air about it, with adventure waiting just around the corner.

Got a message from Meeg this morning. She's on her way to Boston and I guess we'll miss each other. I do not get back from San Francisco till the morning of the 3rd.

vendredi, décembre 21, 2007

It's HERE.

But I have to wait till I get back from San Francisco. Boo. Need to keep Pleo somewhere warm and cosy in the meantime.

Here's a quick photo booth photo. I have a train to catch at about 5 and I've yet to finish packing.

Early this afternoon I remember eating lunch, and then passing out on a couch in the living room. I woke up 5 hours later on my bed groggy, delirious, and in a mild panic from having wasted the entire afternoon.

as a result,
it is close to 4am and Leonard is unable to sleep. He is tempted to surf the telly. Maybe there will be interesting informercials.

Autour de Lucie is playing. And I am playing with photos. I might have lost about a thousand photos from last year, when I moved stuff around from one laptop to another, to another. Fuck.

jeudi, décembre 20, 2007



I'm thinking of bringing the little tike to New York, Vegas, and San Fran with me.
( for Renée )

Manhattan taxis and some partners in crime.

mardi, décembre 18, 2007

just made spaghetti with spicy cod roe and ventresca tuna. kicks a lot of ass. if i do say so myself.
( for Renée )

Like clockwork.

samedi, décembre 15, 2007

( for Renée )

Wall of a bar. I think my uncle's firm might've designed it.

vendredi, décembre 14, 2007

( for Renée )

Walls of a boutique in Singapore.

mercredi, décembre 12, 2007

( for Renée )

Dragons and swirls of color.

lundi, décembre 10, 2007

( for Renée )


samedi, décembre 08, 2007

( for Renée )

His name is Blue.

vendredi, décembre 07, 2007

( Hello Ren, this will be my first photo. )

Renée and I have started a little project. We have to send each other a photo or picture or illustration everyday before midnight. For each day/night we miss, we owe the other a beer (or something of approximate monetary value.)

Random ideas. Inspiration.

( Just in from Renée )

"This is my work environ."

espresso and my ipod are 2 things that consistently help me float through the mornings.

i am happy today. or at least really high on music and caffeine.