dimanche, septembre 28, 2008

In New York for a few days. Was at the Hotel on Rivington for a while, then came back.


mercredi, septembre 24, 2008

I feel like shit.

samedi, août 30, 2008

I've just spent 7 hours watching tv in bed with the draperies drawn, the cellphone on silent, and the occasional cheer floating in from the crowd at Fenway.

mardi, août 26, 2008

Alright. $400 for a pair of headphones was a tad bit expensive. They were amazing though I have to say. No more impulse buys for me. Ahem.

In the office today. Collected about 7 newyorkers from the mailroom. Guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

A week and a day before I run off to France and England. I did 6am yoga this morning and everything is good. I like how it calms me down.

lundi, août 25, 2008

This is Stella. She writes the most amazing stories. And they are all true.


lundi, août 18, 2008

Got back from New York late Saturday night. I had plans to ask her out for dinner but the train got delayed.

At the airport right now waiting for a plane to Houston. The Presidents Club isn't serving alcohol today. I'm not sure what this means. Everyone's drinking tea or coffee or soda. I guess this is a good thing.

Mom called last night, not sure if she still wants to go to Chamonix.

mercredi, août 13, 2008


jeudi, août 07, 2008


it does not help that the skies are gray out.

mercredi, août 06, 2008

Finally got some old design work up on flickr. Maybe at some point it'll go in a portfolio.

What's interesting is that if you look carefully, the first image is a subset of the second.

( 70,000 bases from homo sapiens chromosome 20 )
70,000 bases

( 140,000 bases from homo sapiens chromosome 20 )
140,000 bases

samedi, août 02, 2008

We went to a dance party last night.

mardi, juillet 29, 2008

This place is ridiculous. We're south of the island with a view of the open ocean and there are canoes that take us to a private beach.

lundi, juillet 28, 2008

Oh Martha

Off to work from the vineyard for a few days. Need to get away.

vendredi, juillet 04, 2008

Laziest fourth of July ever.

jeudi, juillet 03, 2008

i have recently become addicted to steamed chilean sea bass with ginger, cilantro, and thai chili. ADDICTED.

mardi, juillet 01, 2008

wow. i really like the new sigur ros.

samedi, juin 28, 2008

There was a little birthday party on the roof for Kat and Allison.

lundi, juin 09, 2008

Allison had a slumber party. "Girls only!" she said. "We're going to be camping on the roof!"

Fine whatever. So Luke and I decided to invite ourselves. Actually no, we invited them indoors, to a world of warmth and comfort.

jeudi, juin 05, 2008

my family sent me a surprise ps3 in the mail!!! i love you guys!

samedi, mai 10, 2008


(A Best Man Speech)

So I've known Toby for quite a while now. We went to Saint Joseph’s Institution some time back.

We used to play this thing called Dungeons and Dragons - which is what they call a role playing game. Picture several nerdy kids in white SJI shorts sitting around a table pretending to be knights and magicians and instead of actually hitting each other we rolled dice.

Obviously, we were the most popular kids in school.

And then in secondary 4, we discovered a dance move called the Running Man. And we became the local celebrities on Whitley Road - everyone wanted to hang out with the 2 hot guys who rolled dice while doing the Running Man.


Toby is incredibly smart but sometimes he gets ahead of himself. Back in secondary school, he insisted that if you were truly intelligent, you'd never need to open a textbook - you'd just know everything there was to know about physics or geography or history.

All that knowledge would just already exist in your mind.

One day he proceeded to illustrate this theory by ripping all the pages out from one of his textbooks.

And then he set those pages on fire.

(Ok there wasn't any fire involved. but it sounds pretty cool though.)

Anyways, that theory obviously worked – today he's holding this amazing wedding dinner at the Four Seasons, while I’m still saving for an event at the local burger king.


Sometime back I was telling a friend about how I wasn't ready to settle down yet. It didn't make sense - I had places to go, things to do, things to see, and a lot more to achieve - and getting married would end all of it. "I still have a lot of adventures ahead of me," I said.

But then he went, “Imagine if you found that girl who you wanted to share all those adventures with. That’s when you get married."

So in a way, I guess "settle down" is a bad way of putting it. We’re not settling for anything, and it doesn't mean that all the adventures end. What it means is that for the rest of your life, you have someone to share all your adventures with.


Toby and Daphne - I love you both and I wish you two the best in all your adventures. May you take each other to places you've never been, lift each other to heights you've never imagined, and love each other as no one has been loved before.


I’d like to end with

(a poem, by e.e. cummings)

i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)
i fear
no fate(for you are my fate,my sweet)i want
no world(for beautiful you are my world,my true)
and it's you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life;which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that's keeping the stars apart
i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)

dimanche, avril 27, 2008

In Amsterdam with Renee.

No that's not my kid. That's her nephew.

mercredi, avril 23, 2008

It's about 2am now in Nice.

I've got le télévision on but you can still hear the waves crashing against the beach. The water's black right now, and there was a bloody moon earlier.

It's really gorgeous out here. I had thought to find sandy beaches but it's all smooth little pebbles.

Half work, half watching some weird French rock movie-musical called Filles Perdue, Cheveux Gras.

It's not very good.

mardi, avril 22, 2008

dimanche, avril 20, 2008

Tomorrow, I leave for a week of meetings in Nice on the Côte d'Azur.

I'd like to say that I'm excited for the trip but right now I'm just exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed by work and little random slices of life.

From my window I can see a few people in distant apartments typing away at laptops or hunched over reading. It's strange but somehow it's comforting - I feel like we're keeping each other company.

( m83 - graveyard girl )

We're having a Marathon Monday party tomorrow but I don't know how much I'll get to participate.

mercredi, avril 16, 2008

Incredible dinner last night. We spent about 3 1/2 hours at O Ya, and went through maybe 15 courses.

Little explosive bites. Then sitting for a minute enjoying the aftertaste. One of the best meals I've ever had in Boston really.

( some highlights )

Hamachi belly with yuzu soy marinated uni
- We argued for a bit about our favorite dish and this was up there but so were half a dozen others. It was decided when we went for round 2 near the end of the meal.

Fried Kumamoto oyster with squid ink bubbles
- This just rocked. This is about texture and temperature.

Chilled cappelini noodles with charred lobster sashimi, and sake wasabi dressing
- The charred lobster had a beautiful smoky aftertaste that strangely complimented the creamy summery noodles.

Foie gras with balsamic chocolate kabayaki, raisin cocoa pulp, and a sip of aged sake
- Oh my, this was a great finisher. A beautiful slide into dessert.

Also, I loved the chilled Maine lobster salad, with avacado and cucumber gelee
- Not what you'd expect, but way surprising amazing. And we attacked it so quickly that I forgot about the photo.

In any event, I am going back.

"I could see this as a great place for drinks and talking and little snacks. Except that you'd probably want to sit here forever and go through everything on the menu."

mardi, avril 15, 2008

Party on Saturday. The one you always wanted to go to.

dimanche, mars 30, 2008

I went back to bed and then got up at five in the afternoon. How's that for jetlagged?
( Shanghai )

I don't like leaving places.

Damien and Siv came over to the hotel to see me off and we hung about the lobby and chatted for as long as we could. We talked about the wedding in Chamonix and I promised to be there.

I left Shanghai at about 4pm.

then Boston,
with the plane landing just after 9pm.

( Boston )

Got home and then ran out for drinks. Didn't quite feel like staying home alone. My room is in a mess but it's exactly as I left it.

There are many things to do. But I don't know what to do with myself.

* Note: For future reference, United just sucks at international travel. The cabin and equipment look like they're from the 80s and someone forgot to tell them about the invention of video on demand. Got to fly business class this time, and I had to jiggle the headphone jack to get stereo sound. The guy next to me had a broken foot rest. They served us food on trays. If they're going to commit to the international market, they should put in a decent effort. Right now it's just pathetic - someone from the company should try flying another (any other) international airline to find out what minimum standards feel like.

vendredi, mars 21, 2008

Hello. I am in Beijing.

Met up with some teammates at a restaurant, and in the middle of dinner, these 3 girls in leotards came on stage and started singing 90s hits. They even had crazy dance moves. It was rather surreal.

"Somehow I feel like I'm in Saigon."

After that I wandered away from the group and found this Chinese restaurant that looked like a KFC from the outside but on closer inspection, had a chinese man's face instead of Colonel Sanders.

The menu was all in Mandarin and there weren't very many pictures. I asked the guy in broken, halting Mandarin what was good to eat and he pointed back and said, "Everything on the menu." That didn't help too much.

Then I spotted a big photo of chicken and rice and an egg in the corner of the shop and I said, hey I want that.

It was pretty good, AND a bigass bowl cost me 16 yuan, which ends up being about $2 US dollars. To put that into perspective, fried rice at the hotel costs close to $30. Bloody hell.

lundi, mars 17, 2008

It's about five in the morning in Singapore. I'm officially on vacation till Tuesday morning Eastern Standard Time, but obviously that rule proved itself false. There are many things due last week.

"Are you always up this early?" I asked him.

"Almost always," he said without looking up. "It's beautiful here, but morning light can make the most vulgar things tolerable."

"I know what you mean," I said, and I did. About the only time of day I had been able to stand in Plano was the very early morning, almost dawn, when the streets were empty and the light was golden and kind on the dry grass, the chain-link fences, the solitary scrub-oaks.

- The Secret History, Donna Tartt

The light here is blue, with some gold at the fringe. I usually complain about the temperature and the humidity here but it's really nice and calm and comforting in the mornings. There is also the familiar sound of the traffic and the birds, and sometimes when I breathe in, I remember certain moments and atmospheres from being 14, or 18 or 20.

I leave for Beijing in 2 days.

jeudi, mars 13, 2008

Melbourne, Australia.

lundi, mars 10, 2008

Some photos of my brother, sister, and I from forever ago. We're talking about the 80s here.

My brother Lawrence and I
Sharon, Lawrence and I with the Grandmaster, Jackie Chan

dimanche, mars 09, 2008

This is my grandmother, Ann Lee.

She's one of the most inspirational characters in my life and without her I wouldn't be who or where I am today. (We are assuming that I am somewhat of a good person.) She is all that is good and amazing and she gives you strength when you think you have none.

This afternoon we had a big birthday bash for her 90th at the Conrad in Singapore and she had over 250 guests, with another 100 on a backup list.

"Just in case," she said, in all earnestness.

My cousin Damien and I were MCs for the day and we semi-awkwardly hosted and introduced speakers, and wandered around, mingling with guests we hardly knew, but guests who had known Granny for longer than we did.

It is my hope that someday I will have led a life as amazing as hers.

mercredi, mars 05, 2008

I am in New York for a few days.

Tomorrow I leave for Singapore (on vacation!) and we're celebrating Grandma's 90th birthday on Sunday at the Conrad. We've tried to corral all her children and grandchildren from the various parts of the globe, and I think to a certain extent we've been successful. Maybe 6 children, and 16 grandkids.

I'm quite excited really - haven't seen some of my cousins for over 10 years. Well, I lie. I've become Facebook friends with some of them but I don't think that really counts.

Next Wednesday I am due in Melbourne, Australia for my cousin Kevin's wedding and I get back to New York on the 17th.

And I have been told that I might be traveling 2 days later to Beijing, then Shanghai for work. We'll see how that goes.

vendredi, février 15, 2008

(Contents in an email that was sent today to Mo, Katie, and Robin)

I had this dream last night where Mo and I were in a house that was something like the Garden but not really, and I think this house was in San Francisco.

Mo and I were discussing how I was going to hit on a hot female neighbor of ours (in not entirely delicate terms) and then Robin and Katie came downstairs and we all noticed a basket on the dining table.

"Hey I made breakfast," Mo said, as Katie took a peek under the blanket in the basket.

Lo and behold! It was a basket of breakfast!

"Yeah! I made hard boiled eggs and Irish Burritos and Hemingway Chicken!" Mo said.

This was my dream and I had no idea what Irish Burritos or Hemingway Chicken were. Also, I noticed that we were out of the Irish Burritos as Katie reached in and lifted out a chicken drumstick.

jeudi, février 07, 2008

I am really, fucking, exhausted.

mardi, février 05, 2008

Well look what arrived today.

Nelson Swag Leg Armchair

lundi, février 04, 2008

I dreamt of you last night.

And it was a good dream.

vendredi, février 01, 2008

jeudi, janvier 24, 2008

Today I got up at five thirty and went to yoga at six.

today is a Daft Punk day.

mardi, janvier 22, 2008


dimanche, janvier 20, 2008

Maybe 10pm.

Someday I will stop in New London, Connecticut.

It's dark out and there is a pier here with lonely white lights reflecting in the water. And not too far across you can see the silhouette of a medium large factory with tiny amber lights.

There is something romantic here about the lights and the pier and the darkness.
The train just left Penn Station.

Sad on a Sunday.

It's all the alcohol I think. But I don't know. I say that a lot.


I was supposed to go out last night but I passed out on the couch and found Maia and Jess getting in at maybe four.

"You smell like cigarettes," I said, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing.

"We're drunk," they said.

We had thought to go to the Rose Bar but then I almost fell asleep at the bar before. So somehow we found our way back to Maia's and I spotted the couch.

"We'll meet in an hour," I promised and they headed to Beatrice to see about a guy.

"You didn't miss a thing," they said as they took off their coats, and after all was said and done. "1 Oak sucked."

"But just so you know, we were the life of the party at Beatrice."

samedi, janvier 19, 2008

jeudi, janvier 17, 2008

I'm in the office. Phone rings. It's the devil.


"Hey. Chamonix's only 80 kilometers from Geneva."

"I know that."

"Come on. Let's go!"

"Fuck off. I don't have any money. And going to Chamonix for 2 days of skiing is retarded."

"Come on. It's just a few hundred bucks. Hotel's free."

Damn it. I really want to go ski.
Very interesting, thoughtful article on the haves and the have-nots.

What is a social network if the people facing the toughest problems are not part of it? They don't need more signs that tell them that they are on their own. The have-nots don't do networking. It doesn't get them anywhere.
- Dale Dougherty, O'Reilly Radar

mercredi, janvier 16, 2008

Del Posto on Friday.

Bondst on Saturday.


mercredi, janvier 09, 2008

Hurry look up! The clouds are on fire!

lundi, janvier 07, 2008

So it has come to this. A double espresso for breakfast, a chocolate croissant for lunch, and Leonard about to pass out from starvation.

There has to be a magic cafe just around the corner.

There has to be a higher standard for office lunches.

jeudi, janvier 03, 2008


Took the redeye and got in a 6am. I don't know why I keep taking the redeye. I rarely sleep well. I usually channel-surf obsessively for hours.

. . .

This year, I will:

1) Spend wisely.

2) Try less, but do more.

3) Be brave.

mercredi, janvier 02, 2008

I have been recently obsessed with pasta. I woke up this morning craving the linguine vongole from Po in the West Village. Had lunch there the day after Christmas and I really need to go back.