vendredi, février 15, 2008

(Contents in an email that was sent today to Mo, Katie, and Robin)

I had this dream last night where Mo and I were in a house that was something like the Garden but not really, and I think this house was in San Francisco.

Mo and I were discussing how I was going to hit on a hot female neighbor of ours (in not entirely delicate terms) and then Robin and Katie came downstairs and we all noticed a basket on the dining table.

"Hey I made breakfast," Mo said, as Katie took a peek under the blanket in the basket.

Lo and behold! It was a basket of breakfast!

"Yeah! I made hard boiled eggs and Irish Burritos and Hemingway Chicken!" Mo said.

This was my dream and I had no idea what Irish Burritos or Hemingway Chicken were. Also, I noticed that we were out of the Irish Burritos as Katie reached in and lifted out a chicken drumstick.

jeudi, février 07, 2008

I am really, fucking, exhausted.

mardi, février 05, 2008

Well look what arrived today.

Nelson Swag Leg Armchair

lundi, février 04, 2008

I dreamt of you last night.

And it was a good dream.

vendredi, février 01, 2008