vendredi, décembre 25, 2009

Lounging on a bed in the dining room / temp-bedroom of a large house in New Jersey. Hello dear Christmas, I used to hate you but now you're alright.

(Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer)

Mom's on a cruise somewhere in Asia. I don't think her cellphone works out there on the water.

vendredi, décembre 04, 2009

Found an email from me to me from last night:

Equation game. Factors. Guess. What. Gets harder.

jeudi, décembre 03, 2009

Christmas party on Saturday. We will also be celebrating Anna, Mo, and Leo turning a year older!

dimanche, novembre 22, 2009

fondness makes the absence longer.

vendredi, novembre 20, 2009

samedi, octobre 31, 2009

So we threw a halloween party. Well, I did. All the other roomies were MIA. But it was fun.

mercredi, octobre 28, 2009

I don't know,

if I like being depressed this much.

vendredi, octobre 23, 2009

vendredi, octobre 09, 2009

panic attack? why?

samedi, octobre 03, 2009

jeudi, octobre 01, 2009

it's strange how some dreams seem to get the better of you, sucking you in and chewing you up. i crawled out of bed this morning anxious and unable to breathe. it felt so real.

mercredi, septembre 30, 2009

Got some awesome photos of Iz and Anna at the beach from maybe 2 months ago. They're using a few for their wedding website!

Found some awesome French house mixes on et musique pour tous.

Waiting for her to call. Anxious.

mercredi, septembre 23, 2009

It seems I am quite smitten with her.

mercredi, septembre 16, 2009

In Berlin. We brought some clients out to dinner last night.

samedi, septembre 12, 2009

Headed to Duxbury for the Island Creek Oyster Fest, then a flight to Berlin tomorrow.

vendredi, septembre 04, 2009

mercredi, août 26, 2009

A soundtrack for the week

mardi, août 25, 2009

New favorite artist: Thomas Doyle.

samedi, août 15, 2009

This is what Thursdays are for.

samedi, août 01, 2009

there was a lasater grasslands beef grill-off. in new haven, connecticut.

jeudi, juillet 30, 2009

mercredi, juillet 08, 2009

i wonder.
Photos from that Jackson Hole adventure, occurring between 27 Feb 2009 & 02 Mar 2009.

I fucking love you.
And it's ridiculous.

I didn't say that but I wish had or will.

lundi, juin 29, 2009

We had lunch at granny's. I like being there. Peaceful, quiet, calm. Nothing and amazing.