jeudi, janvier 22, 2009


I miss you loads! Wish you were here!

mercredi, janvier 14, 2009

samedi, janvier 10, 2009

In my room. Drinking a glass of vodka and soda and ice looking to my right, curtains are drawn snow is falling outside. I heard we'll get 10 inches tonight! they said. Will the white snow boots make an appearance? I don't know.

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

It's January. Haven't written for a while. What has happened. I was in France, then England, then back to Boston. I might've written about that. October. Nothing really in October except work. November I aimed to hit thanksgiving. Spent that with Emily and her family. I saw her dog hurdle over broomsticks. I hid away from the world for a few days. I might've played some video games.

December. I ran away in December. To Vail for a week, then Vegas, then LA. I met up with Nidhi in LA. Michelle and Rachel were also in LA and we had a bottle of white over lunch and then went shopping. Dave's family is really cool. I always wonder if they see me as a nuisance. I try to blend into the wall sometimes.

There were several phone calls. Are we ever going to see each other? she asked, or are we just pretending? I don't know. It's nice to have someone there. It's funny how we still talk.

I kissed a girl at my birthday party.

I kissed her again on New Year's.

I asked someone out and she said she was seeing someone already but that it was sweet and flattering.