jeudi, décembre 30, 2010

I am in Singapore.

I actually got here maybe a week ago, but took a side trip to Penang with my mother and brother. A culinary side trip to be exact. We roamed the city in search of the best wanton noodles, Penang char kway teow, Hokkien prawn noodles and lord knows everything else. Yum. It was a marathon of epic proportions.

In any event, I am back in Singapore. We've made it to the last day of the year, and I'm hoping it ends up being the last good day of the year.

And for the last day, today does feel good though. Really good. Something about it feels open and clear and I do not feel the normal stress around errands to run and people to see. I am excited to do nothing today except curl up and read.

In the evening we've a simple Chinese dinner planned somewhere nearby, and then we'll be meeting my sister, who arrives from Hong Kong this afternoon.

Happy new year everyone.

vendredi, décembre 24, 2010

"They look like battleships on the horizon. It's quite disconcerting."

jeudi, décembre 23, 2010

samedi, décembre 11, 2010

There is a bag of maybe 50 Island Creek oysters in the fridge. Oh yeah.

I am tempted to figure out pasta with oysters, garlic, breadcrumbs, and maybe shiitake?

dimanche, octobre 24, 2010

lundi, septembre 13, 2010

The last days of summer.

jeudi, juillet 29, 2010

Jeremy and Jennie got married last week and threw the coolest summer camp wedding ever. We got our own little wood cabins and kayaked and canoed and swam and lazed around making cocktails.

mercredi, juillet 14, 2010

Sort of ridiculous:

Bachelor party last weekend

Wedding this weekend

Wedding next weekend
+ bachelor party

Wedding the next next weekend

Wedding the next next next weekend

vendredi, juillet 02, 2010

So, I love my iPad. Love, love, love. There are so many interesting applications and possibilities dealing with multitouch and tangible user interfaces. Kinda brings me back to the physical computing prototyping days. Downloaded the SDK and hopefully will find some time to hack around a few things.

The downside is that now I want to buy all sorts of things for the iPad. Oh, and I've named her Isobel.

jeudi, juillet 01, 2010

Going to a bar called "The Violent Hour" doesn't seem like a good idea.

dimanche, juin 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day dad!!!! Sharon got married last week and it was the most amazing wedding ever! I'm still sorting through the thousand photos I took!

jeudi, juin 17, 2010

Alright, no more shopping for the year. Out goes the credit card. It's not as magical as it once was - apparently someone does tally the numbers up. Fuck.

That said I just bought my first Band of Outsiders suit! I guess I'm going out with a bang.
Overheard in Fenway Park:

Crowd: "Beat LA!"

Old dude: "Why does everyone keep chanting that? The Lakers are going to win."

Hipster: "You're crazy."

Old dude: "I live in Phoenix and I have season tickets to the Suns and the Lakers are the best team in basketball."

Hipster: "You live in Phoenix? You're a racist."

Old dude: "You better watch it kid, I'll pop your head off."

Hipster: "You're about as cool as aids."

vendredi, mai 21, 2010

Found a post-it note from a while back detailing a dream I had.

Scene 1
got arrested for
- taking a shower on a Saturday
- wearing a ring over 2 fingers
- wearing a collared shirt under a jacket

apparently all 3 while I was in the shower

Scene 2
carrying a baby sabretooth home.
they have a neat way of sharpening their own fangs.
AND they have geolocation. somehow.

the baby sabretooth is really cute, but it's heavy.

dimanche, mai 16, 2010

mardi, avril 20, 2010

It's a strange moment, the moment of creating characters who up to that moment have had no existence. What follows is fitful, uncertain, even hallucinatory, although sometimes it can be an unstoppable avalanche. The author's position is an odd one. In a sense he is not welcomed by the characters. The characters resist him, they are not easy to live with, they are impossible to define. You certainly can't dictate to them. To a certain extent you play a never-ending game with them, cat and mouse, blind man's buff, hide and seek. But finally you find that you have people of flesh and blood on your hands, people with will and an individual sensibility of their own, made out of component parts you are unable to change, manipulate or distort.
- Harold Pinter's Noble speech

I am tired of throwing parties.

Sensory overload.

A low intensity conflict of sorts.

jeudi, mars 25, 2010

Modest Mouse. Little Boots. Interpol. The National.

Today is strange. Working hard it seems, but somehow listless. Spoke with Lawrence and Sharon today. We talked about wedding details and speeches and suits and mommy being excited about the whole affair.

jeudi, mars 18, 2010

lundi, mars 15, 2010

let me lie a bit longer. i want to see how this dream ends.

dimanche, mars 14, 2010

There were a few days in Austin. It was my first time and I loved every moment of it. I was at a hotel for a while, then crashed at Jamie and Lauren's.

There was a lovely dinner party on Thursday and I met a random bunch of kids - amongst them a photographer, a tileworker, and a food stylist who made that chicken on TV look wondrous amazing.

"Oh I heard that people use mashed potatoes to simulate ice cream!" I cried excitedly.

"No," the food stylist replied curtly. "I use icing sugar and frosting."

Katie was also in town, for SXSW and we all ran intoxicated amok on Friday till early Saturday morning.

The first day as I drove into the city, I thought to myself, hey I could live here. I wanted to stay for a while longer.

What do you go home to? Explosions in the sky.

vendredi, mars 12, 2010

"You going to South By?" she asked.

"Oh you mean South By Southwest" I replied. "No one calls it South By."

I guess everyone calls it South By. Oops.

lundi, mars 08, 2010

In horse racing, Dutching is a method of betting on multiple horses in a single race. It's Dutching with a capital D because apparently Dutch Schultz, a New York gangster came up with the idea. Typically if you're not as confident about a sure winner, but have a decent opinion of a few horses, Dutching would make sense. Obviously the odds are different depending on the horse, but hey at least you have a chance of winning.

Everything is a gamble. Keep the cards close. Hedge your emotions.
Chris and Aliya got engaged in Paris so there was a party when they got back.

Dark limos.

Dark limo




samedi, février 27, 2010

“I myself did not want to sleep because I had been living for a long time with the knowledge that if I ever shut my eyes in the dark and let myself go, my soul would go out of my body.”
- Ernest Hemingway

"Sleep and death have long been intertwined, with the ancient Greeks creating a colorful genealogy to explain it. Nyx, the goddess of the night, gave birth to twin boys: Hypnos (sleep) and Thanatos (death). Hypnos fathered Morpheus, the god of dreams, who lived surrounded by opium poppies, the giver of dreams."
(The New York Times, photo via Purple Diary)


For the past two months I've had the craziest dreams every night. Vivid, fantastic dreams, often recurring in the same places. At the same time, I've started getting up at strange regular intervals. 130am, 330am, 530am. I get up, fully awake, wondering why I'm up.

lundi, février 22, 2010

I just woke up one day and knew.

Knew what?

What I was never sure of with you.

mercredi, février 17, 2010

I sent this to someone recently.

I love what I do, although sometimes I fall into a rut and get listless. My dream might be a toy designer. Something that makes children happy.

I can sort of cook - I like frying up spam. I have been learning how to make hash browns.

I love eggs and potatoes in all forms.

I am allergic to smelly cheese. I suspect it is psychological.

If I'm really drunk, sometimes I fall into a British accent. Or whenever I talk to my mom or brother or sister.

I will hold your hand when we cross the street.

People seem to think I don't know how to camp.

It would be nice to nap with you nearby. You could read a book, or nap with.

I know I am a snob but I am trying to be less so.

I am pretty decent at tennis.

I really like cats but am allergic to them.

I would fly you to the moon and back.

I am very comfortable around you.

I am a good kisser. (If needed, references are available.)

I love your sense of humor.

I think we click on some strange level.

I like doing nothing with you, and everything or anything.

You have a good heart.

You're more beautiful than you know.

Every moment with you is an adventure.

samedi, février 06, 2010

vendredi, février 05, 2010

These days when it takes over I tend to lie down, dizzy, scared.

My heart's not racing but I need to calm down.
I'm not out of breath but I can't breathe.

I do nothing and I hate it.

jeudi, février 04, 2010

( jena malone, by elias tahan )

In a parallel universe, it's me you can't resist.

I don't ever go into the office anymore. Well they're clearing it out in March. But still, I don't think I've spent more than a day a month there in over 6. I bet I have a ton of crap mail.

I've asked her out to the Magnetic Fields show next week. I kinda miss cigarettes for the times when you think too much.

samedi, janvier 23, 2010

Love love love her hair.

( Katie Shillingford, Fashion Editor at Dazed ) found via jak and jil

vendredi, janvier 22, 2010

Happy birthday Dad!!! I miss you so much!!!!

mercredi, janvier 13, 2010

I've been having strange dreams again. Since around Christmas. I keep visiting the same places. There's a hotel or resort that's always there. There's a mansion in the middle of a field and I'm floating around holding on to a blanket like a parachute, hiding from the guards. There's an enormous pool maybe 200m long and 100m wide, really deep, with fish and coral in it. People swim laps.

And for some obscure reason I seem to always have a pack of Kraft Singles with me. I actually looked for some in the fridge this morning but there was nothing there.

samedi, janvier 02, 2010

Hm. Someone dropped some sequins by my bed.

vendredi, janvier 01, 2010