samedi, janvier 23, 2010

Love love love her hair.

( Katie Shillingford, Fashion Editor at Dazed ) found via jak and jil

vendredi, janvier 22, 2010

Happy birthday Dad!!! I miss you so much!!!!

mercredi, janvier 13, 2010

I've been having strange dreams again. Since around Christmas. I keep visiting the same places. There's a hotel or resort that's always there. There's a mansion in the middle of a field and I'm floating around holding on to a blanket like a parachute, hiding from the guards. There's an enormous pool maybe 200m long and 100m wide, really deep, with fish and coral in it. People swim laps.

And for some obscure reason I seem to always have a pack of Kraft Singles with me. I actually looked for some in the fridge this morning but there was nothing there.

samedi, janvier 02, 2010

Hm. Someone dropped some sequins by my bed.

vendredi, janvier 01, 2010