jeudi, mars 25, 2010

Modest Mouse. Little Boots. Interpol. The National.

Today is strange. Working hard it seems, but somehow listless. Spoke with Lawrence and Sharon today. We talked about wedding details and speeches and suits and mommy being excited about the whole affair.

jeudi, mars 18, 2010

lundi, mars 15, 2010

let me lie a bit longer. i want to see how this dream ends.

dimanche, mars 14, 2010

There were a few days in Austin. It was my first time and I loved every moment of it. I was at a hotel for a while, then crashed at Jamie and Lauren's.

There was a lovely dinner party on Thursday and I met a random bunch of kids - amongst them a photographer, a tileworker, and a food stylist who made that chicken on TV look wondrous amazing.

"Oh I heard that people use mashed potatoes to simulate ice cream!" I cried excitedly.

"No," the food stylist replied curtly. "I use icing sugar and frosting."

Katie was also in town, for SXSW and we all ran intoxicated amok on Friday till early Saturday morning.

The first day as I drove into the city, I thought to myself, hey I could live here. I wanted to stay for a while longer.

What do you go home to? Explosions in the sky.

vendredi, mars 12, 2010

"You going to South By?" she asked.

"Oh you mean South By Southwest" I replied. "No one calls it South By."

I guess everyone calls it South By. Oops.

lundi, mars 08, 2010

In horse racing, Dutching is a method of betting on multiple horses in a single race. It's Dutching with a capital D because apparently Dutch Schultz, a New York gangster came up with the idea. Typically if you're not as confident about a sure winner, but have a decent opinion of a few horses, Dutching would make sense. Obviously the odds are different depending on the horse, but hey at least you have a chance of winning.

Everything is a gamble. Keep the cards close. Hedge your emotions.
Chris and Aliya got engaged in Paris so there was a party when they got back.

Dark limos.

Dark limo