dimanche, juin 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day dad!!!! Sharon got married last week and it was the most amazing wedding ever! I'm still sorting through the thousand photos I took!

jeudi, juin 17, 2010

Alright, no more shopping for the year. Out goes the credit card. It's not as magical as it once was - apparently someone does tally the numbers up. Fuck.

That said I just bought my first Band of Outsiders suit! I guess I'm going out with a bang.
Overheard in Fenway Park:

Crowd: "Beat LA!"

Old dude: "Why does everyone keep chanting that? The Lakers are going to win."

Hipster: "You're crazy."

Old dude: "I live in Phoenix and I have season tickets to the Suns and the Lakers are the best team in basketball."

Hipster: "You live in Phoenix? You're a racist."

Old dude: "You better watch it kid, I'll pop your head off."

Hipster: "You're about as cool as aids."